Email:            Phone: (443)240-6584


       Phone: (443)240-6584


Material Letter Exhibition 2017

3x3 International Illustration Honorable Mention 2017

MICA London Art Show 2016

Decker Book Cover Display 2015  

Pre-College Scholarship 2014-2018

MICA Recognition Award 2014-2018






Lillian Chang Li, an illustrator who came from Fuzhou, China. She will receive her BFA in illustration degree from Maryland Institute College of Art in May 2018. Her work has been recognized by 3x3 International Illustration Show.  

Though Lillian usually works independently, she is always open-minded and willing to collaborate with teammates in any size of groups.  Tasks and challenges are what make life interesting.



Logo design Internship - 2016 07-08
Jingboyuan Health Industry, Xiamen, Fujian, China
While studying abroad, Lillian designed a logo remotely for Jingboyuan's healthy food product by using Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, and Sai Paint Tool.
Animation background - 2017 01-03
Kino Jin's Animation, Baltimore, MD, US
Based on Kino's concept and requirements, she used Sai Paint Tool and Adobe Photoshop to complete three environment illustrations for her animation.

Advertising Internship - 2017 07-08
Me & Friends Advertising Company, Beijing, China
Join Me & Friends as an intern. Based on the art director's requirements and teaching, she created three advertising illustrations for a feminine hygiene product, two vector wall illustrations for Me & Friends office, a pack of nine animated gifs for an energy drink product, an anniversary invitation, and a six frames storyboard for a cleansers advertisement.

Graphic design&Photo retouching - 2017-2018

Fudostar, Irvine, CA, US

Assisting remotely for one of her friend's business. Retouching the products' photos posting on Amazon. Redesign business cards.